Friday Fun: 12 Truths Every Tax Payer Has Experienced


Yep, they’ll get ya every time… every… single… year.

The deadline is upon us and we can all agree that filing tax returns are the absolute worst. There are sooo many forms, rules, policy changes, receipts to keep track of and technicalities to know. The task can seem daunting. Everyone has had some sort of IRS related horror story. We’ve also had our share of sweet, sweet victories too. Tax season is like a twisted game of Russian Roulette. You never know the outcome until you file. Some come out lucky, others…well… not so much. But we can all relate on some level!

1) In hindsight, Peter Pan wasn’t as immature as you initially thought.

2) Because THIS the the American tax system in a nutshell.

3) “Go to a good college,” they said. “You’ll make lots of money,” they said…


4) You and TurboTax the night of April 17th.

5) On the bright side, this… is a tax credit.

6) Also a credit.

7) Actually, anything related to raising your minions and/ or enterprise is a potential credit.

8) When you succeed in submitting your forms.


9) When you try to make nice with your SO because you know they’re getting a fat refund soon.

10) And then, the refund check come in the mail.

11) And so begins the emotional rollercoaster of how to spend your new found wealth.

Check12) Oh well. There’s always next year, right?