Friday Fun: Ugly Sweaters For Your Next Holiday Party

Tis’ the season for holiday parties. We’re pretty sure that at some point you will have an ugly holiday sweater invite somewhere among your line up of events. Those horrid holiday sweaters that plagued the 70’s and 80’s have become the quintessential holiday themed party. Almost makes you wish you hung onto those ugly old things, doesn’t it?

Since ugly holiday sweater parties are all the rage, a brand new market has emerged to service this growing clientele. These kinds of parties are especially popular in the office. People can DIY their own ugly sweater or buy one that’s in line with their own personal humor. There are sweaters for christmas, hanukkah, and everything in between. There are references to pop culture,  funny classics and even some raunchy versions of the beloved sweater. It’s tough trying to decide which one is best for your party.

There are some simple rules to follow when choosing a sweater for your office party. The number one principle to stick to is to showcase your humor without being vulgar. Straddling the line of being funny without being inappropriate can be tough. We scoured the internet to find some funny, office appropriate ugly sweaters to make a splash at your next party.