Friday Fun: Your Library Totally Needs these Bookshelves

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” We’ve all heard this saying from a popular children’s book by Dr. Seuss (I Can Read with My Eyes Shut). And that’s because it is true. Reading different types of genres play a huge role in our learning and development, making books super valuable. Why not showcase your favorite books with the respect they deserve? It’s time to step up your book game! In this week’s Friday Fun roundup, we scoured the internet looking for the coolest nooks and crannies to store your written treasures. Seriously, your library totally needs these bookshelves!

1) (Looking) Fly on the Wall

With these unique designs, it’s hard to keep these bookshelves a fly on the wall!

Circular Bookshelf

Special Ying Yang Book Shelf

It’s time to bring some zen to your library!

Batman Bookshelf
2) Going Back to the Roots

Your bookshelf has now become an ode to your favorite plant.

Blue Tree Bookcase


Trees - Bookshelf Designs


3) The Minimalists

Sometimes you don’t need to go over the top to make a strong statement.

Flybrary Placing

Natural Wood Bookshelf

Umbra Invisible BookshelfRaw-Edges-Bookens


Never fear, Superman is here to save the books!

4) Geometrical

Your classic bookcase returns with some added accents.

Code Name Bookcase

Your bookcase can really ‘speak’ with these message shelves!

Modern Bookshelf

Simple Black Bookcase
5) Tipsy-Topsy

If curves make the bookshelf, these designs take the cake!

Curved Bookcase

Go home bookcase, you’re drunk!



This rubber bookshelf bends at your command!

6) Spell it Out

When bookshelves become literal.

Shelf Bookshelf


alphabetic design

Has Been Read and Will Be Read

Sort out your collection by books you had read and will read!

 7) Out of this World

Are we ready for these futuristic designs?

3D Bookshelf

Balancing Act

The star of the show is this balancing act!

Estudio Pentagono storage table

Orange Curved Bookcase

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  • janeen garner

    How did they build the hanging book shelf?

    • Michelle Liu

      Hi, the wooden hanging bookshelf (the second photo under The Minimalists) is actually a neat product on Agustav! For more information, you can visit