Gadgets for Both Your Office and Home

Let’s talk versatile. Most of the things you get for your office are probably of no use to your home and here are some cool, versatile gadgets that will better your office AND your home.

USB Cup Warmer

USB Drink Holder. When your coffee gets cold because you are working too hard, or when there is not a fridge in your office when you brought in a can of energy drink to boost your performance, don’t you think you deserve a better treatment for the kind of work ethic you have? Check this USB drink holder out. It comes in different shapes and designs to appeal your eyes. Plug it into an USB port and you can keep your drinks however you want it. A hot energy drink or a cold coffee without ice or the other way around, it’s all your choice.

USB Drink Chiller

Portable Natural Light. Our power is too little to control mother-nature, but if sunlight is a very important element for you to give your 100% at work, there is a way to cheat on the rainy days or in your windowless office. This blinds designed by Ms. Makoto Hirahara looks just like another window with a blinds on, but you will fall in love with it if you love a window in your space but cannot afford to dig a hole in a wall. Take a closer look; you will realize that the window is in fact a light fixture behind the blinds. The two pieces work together to mimic a naturally lit-through window. Maybe you do not get a view outside the window, but you will definitely get the light or the illusion you need.

Natural Light with Blind Light Fixture

Natural Light with Blind Light Fixture

The Soft Collection by Molo Design

The 2008 Fold-up Seating. From Molo Design, we have this fold-up seating called “Softseating”. Softseating is the combination of physics and the art of paper; it uses a honeycomb structure and is designed to fan out to create seating in different shapes to fit your needs. It comes in different colors and you have an option to purchase a textile version which is manufactured using class A fireproof material. The design and the flexibility of Softseating is definitely a good thing to both your office and your home.

Softseating from Molo Design

Nappak. If you would like to work late and sleep over in your office, go right ahead (great perseverance, by the way), but don’t do it on the roller chair, do it with Nappak. Nappak is a portable, space efficient air bed. It almost looks like a golf club bag when Nappak is rolled up. It is very portable and will give you just what you need when you need a good sleep. Bring it to your office or leave it at home as the center piece for you “guest bedroom”.■

Nappak when closed

Nappak when extended

  • Great Article! I also like the USB Drink holder, cool stuff. I’ll link to this article.

  • Everything nice.The natural light system more stuff

  • I am amazed by the USB Drink holder!! I need one for my desk, ASAP!!! I remember when my mother used to keep her coffee warm with one of these back in the day, but this device takes it to the next level! Thanks for always sharing such cool office supplies and gadgets.