Happy Holidays From The Shoplet Team

Shoplet Team

The Shoplet Team 2013

Shoplet hosted its annual holiday party last Wednesday, December 11th! It was certainly a fabulous evening, filled with delicious food (hooray for shrimp lollies!) and friends. Not to mention, we all enjoyed discussing our lives and interests beyond the scope of file cabinets and sticky notes.

I only have a few pictures of the evening on hand, but I think they capture the spirit of the Shoplet crew pretty well!

photo 3

Tamar placing the star on moi!


photo 144666666

Jeff and Dave

photo gggg2444

Jason and Vin

photogg 35555

John and Artie


photo 1

Jason placing the star atop the Christmas tree (aka Leo) !


photo 2

Matthew, Tamar and Leo