love office supplies on Pinterest!

I have been slow to embrace Pinterest but now I really enjoy it. If you haven’t heard of it or don’t think you need it, I suggest you try it out. Basically, you can save pics as you browse the web and create groups and share them with your friends. While I have posted about a lot of different office supplies on our blog, this seems to be a better format to view everything together and share it with others. And all you have to do is hit repin to add items to your board! I have been adding items to my “favorite office stuff” board for the past few weeks and now I’m starting to divide everything into smaller boards.

I’m thinking about creating a communal “favorite office supplies” board that everyone that wants to can add items. Anyone interested? I would love to see everyone’s favorite stuff! Also, if you need a Pinterest invite, let me know! (otherwise you just have to request an invite.) And follow my boards to see some cool stuff and add them to your boards.