oregon ducks’ highlighter uniforms

I won’t claim to be anything close to a football fan but somehow I always seem to catch the fourth quarter of these important football games. I was hooked into the 4th quarter of the BCS National Championship when I saw Oregon’s uniforms. It was like they were running with highlighters on their feet! From the Oregon Athletics Website,

“The cleat and sock combination will probably draw the most buzz. The cleat changes from a grey/silver color at the toe to a lime green at the heel, which blends into the socks. The effect that combo creates at full speed is thought to be a blur.”

I completely agree about the blur part. The instant they started running it was a bright colored, distracting blur. Too bad they didn’t get the win! I was glad to see a fellow twitterer – @realmreiter – feel the same way about the uniforms. He said “Oregon uniforms reminded me to get office supplies. I need highlighters and post it notes.” Awesome.

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One thought on “oregon ducks’ highlighter uniforms”

  1. Frank says:

    haha, great post. interesting colours thats for sure. They would make a good add for office supplies. good stuff.

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