Can We Determine Your Personality Based On Your Fave Ice Cream?

Happy National Ice Cream Month!

As we all know, July is officially National Ice Cream Month! Ice cream is a hot summer staple, for many reasons. It’s a deliciously sweet dessert that can help us cool down in the stuffy heat. And with so many flavors to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Do you guys have a go-to flavors when looking for ice cream? Like how each flavor is special in it’s own way, we bet that we can determine your personality based on your fave ice cream! They say you are what you eat. Let’s put it to the test!

All Ice Cream Flavors

Simply select your favorite ice cream from the 6 classic choices and read our description below. (Don’t see your flavor? Let us know what it would be in a blog post comment below!)

What’s in it: A classic ice cream flavor derived from heavy cream, sugar, and vanilla extract

Vanilla Ice Cream

Your Personality: While you may not be the most eccentric, you are an all-time favorite! Vanilla ice cream is by far the most popular ice cream amongst consumers. Those who enjoy vanilla ice cream, enjoys the simpler things in life. You don’t let trivia matters get in the way of what’s important so not much gets you down. You’re also a loyal friend and faithful lover. And once in a while you enjoy spicing things up… with rainbow sprinkles and/or candied cherries!

What’s in it: Heavy cream, milk, sugar, egg yolk, vanilla extract, and finely grounded coffee

Coffee Ice Cream

Your Personality: Coffee is the quintessential office beverage, meaning you have a perky energetic (after your drink of course) demeanor. Your outgoing personality is enticing, often making you the life of a party. You balance your extroverted lifestyle with some quiet afternoons to yourself, reading or surfing the net in a quiet coffee shop.

What’s in it: Milk, cream, salt, vanilla extract, peppermint extract, and chocolate chips (Green food coloring, optional)

Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

Your Personality: Like this minty chocolate chip ice cream, you are cool, calm, and collected (for the most part!). Some people may find you a little weird at first, but once they get to know you, they’ll begin to appreciate your unique sense of humor. You’ve conquered several obstacles and faced speed bumps throughout life, but still managed to have a refreshingly optimistic outlook.

What’s in it: Cream, milk, sugar, vanilla extract, and (the best part) crumbled Oreo cookies!

Cookies N Cream

Your Personality: If your favorite ice cream is Cookies N’ Cream, we’ve determined you’re youthful and innocent. This ice cream takes us back to our childhood days. As a kid at heart, we think you enjoy steering clear of drama. You’re an honest person, and often have no trouble expressing your thoughts. You tend to gear towards the creative side, constantly whipping up DIY projects and engaging in fun activities.

What’s in it: Cream, milk, sugar, cocoa powder, topped with various nuts and marshmallow

Rocky Road Ice Cream

Your Personality: If your favorite ice cream is Rocky Road, we think you’re one tough cookie! Mixed in with various nuts and marshmallow, you got your rough edges and a soft side, which you rarely like showing. You are adventurous, ambitious, and bold! We can totally see you rocking a tough moto jacket with leather boots.

What’s in it: A triple combination of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream

Neapolitan Ice Cream

Your Personality: Making decisions a little difficult for you? That’s because your most like Neapolitan ice cream! Coming in at a triple threat, you’re very versatile, flexible, and balanced in several areas of expertise. However you tend to be indecisive which prevents you from making any commitments. Once you figure out what you ultimately want to do, we believe you will excel in it!

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