Simple Ways to Green Your Fourth of July Party

We have to admit. Summertime parties are our absolute favorite. With warm weather, spending time with family and friends and some good food, what’s not to love! But there is a downside. The unfortunate truth is that hosting a summer shindig can cause the planet some serious damage. Just think about the amount of plastic cups, paper plates, decorations, table accessories and leftover food that accumulates during your party. It might not seem like such a big deal, but when you look at the bigger picture and multiply that across virtually every household across the US, you suddenly have a pretty big problem. But never fear! Here are some easy ways to green your Fourth of July party.

Trade conventional dinnerware for green options.

It’s such a simple way to green your get-together, but many people aren’t aware that they now have this option available to them. There are tons of eco-friendly options available these days. From budget friendly options to high end entertaining sets. These items perform just as well if not better than their conventional counterparts. You can find everything you’ll need from plates to utensils that are made from plant based and easily biodegradable materials. They look just as nice and will definitely prove your love of country!

Trade single serve drinks for beverage dispensers.

It’s no secret that single serve beverage containers are terrible for the environment. It’s also terrible for your overflowing trash can and your wallet. It’s much more expensive to purchase single serve beverages than buying in bulk. and what about the added mess? You don’t wanna spend the entire party changing trash liners from all of those cans and bottles, now do ya? Why not opt for beverage dispensers instead? If you are looking for simple alcoholic options, try a beer or wine keg large enough to accommodate the number of guests you’re expecting. You can also offer simple home made lemonade and infused waters, which will look gorgeous on your beverage table. Not to mention they are way cheaper than buying them in the store.

Ditch single serve junk food for pretty DIY treats.

Admit it, this stuff is just bad for you anyway.  All of that packaging is bad for the environment too. All it takes is a little extra time to whip up a cute red, white and blue platter for your guests. If you’re really pressed for time, go for a red, white a blue fruit bowl or strawberry, blueberry and apple skewers. you can also try these super cute cone fruit cups! Make sure to line the cones with wax paper before adding fruit, so the cones don’t get soggy. You’re welcome.

Tame your trash situation.

A simple way to green your party is to set out recycling bins for bottles and cans. Having a designated place for these items will free up space in your landfill trashcan and help to reduce pile up. It also makes it easier for you at the end of your event when sorting through the trash. If you have a large entertaining area, make sure to pair every landfill trashcan you place around your space with a recycler.

Save and reuse decorations. 

Not only is it better for the environment to reuse your decorations, it’ll also save you money in the long run. Party decorations can be expensive, especially considering most people only use them once a year at most. Don’t throw money away and choose items that can store well and be ready to go for next year’s festivities.

simple ways to green your Fourth of July

Opt for solar energy.

Hosting a party can be hard on your wallet especially your electric bill. You don’t need solar panels on your rooftop to be able to take advantage of the benefits of solar energy. There are lots of products on the market that can harness this energy on a smaller scale. Solar lights can help alleviate the burden. Why not try placing a few solar stake lights around your outdoor space? You’ll be surprised how much added ambiance these can bring to your evening fireworks show!

simple ways to green your Fourth of July