Friday Fun: Teachers Who Absolutely Love Tweeting

What happens when teachers create a Twitter account? You’ll get hilarious real-life tweets that capture the struggles, emotions, and accomplishments of working with children on a daily basis! In light of National Teacher Appreciation Day coming up on May 3rd, we’ve scoured Twitter looking for the best and funniest tweets from your fellow teachers. Get ready to laugh, agree, or sympathize with these teachers who absolutely love tweeting. Ready? Here we go!

1. This teacher who was grateful for a cup of coffee. Teacher coffee test
2. This teacher who just wanted a good laugh.Teacher Twister
3. This teacher who likes to challenge her students.Teacher goals - memes
4. This teacher who just felt a little left out.Short teacher - probs
5. This teacher who’s just camera shy.snapchat - Teacher probs
6. This teacher who clings onto the past.Math Problems - X
7. This teacher who is happy about the little things.
Teacher goal- quoted
8. This teacher who is simply on Cloud 9.No school - wine
9. This teacher who is just trying to teach.
Uranus Teacher prob
10. These teachers who can’t help themselves.
Playing the Field
11. This teacher whose kids had bigger problems.
Teacher Date
12. This teacher who had to respond to the following email.
Emails from parents
13. This teacher who just loves their office supplies.
Teacher Office Supply
14. And lastly, this teacher who just LOVES being a teacher.
teacher goals - annoying students

Our teachers work hard to educate us for the road ahead. So this National Teacher’s Appreciation Day, be sure to thank them for their hard work! Need some gift ideas? Check out our nifty teacher appreciation ideas here and be sure to visit to stock up on your favorite office supplies for the classroom.