Upcycled Crafts: Giving Old Products New Life

Tis’ the season of giving. In a materialistic world, it is not uncommon for friends and families to purchase lavish presents and gifts for each other during the holiday season. New products make us super excited, but they may not be the best for the environment. As we continue to shop for new clothes, new phones, new technology, new furniture… think about what is going to happen to our old items? Some parts may be recyclable, but the most probable outcome is the landfill. This holiday season, let’s try our best to limit our spending. We can do that by upcycling our old products! Used jars, candy wrappers, household items, and more can be transformed into marvelous new creations.

We scoured the internet to bring you these amazing upcycled crafts to give old products new life. (On a budget this year? Some of these ideas would also make great holiday gifts!)

Tin Can Lamp

Found on Mariposa Avenue: Painted Tin Can + Old Lamp = New Tin Can Lamp Shade

Flashlight Craft

Found on Buzzfeed: Aluminum Can + Cereal Box = Useful Flashlight

Candy Wrapper Purse

Found on Pinterest: Candy Wrapper + Zipper = Colorful Recycled Pouch

Floppy Disc Art

Found on Lushome: Floppy Discs + More Floppy Disc = Unique Wall Art

Cork Pencil Cups

Found on 3R’s: Tin Can + Cork Wrap = Cool Cup Holder Organizer

Recycled Shopping Cart Chair

Found on Likecool: Used Shopping Cart + Comfortable Cushion = Fun Rolling Chair

Macrons Plastic Bottle

Found on Paper Plate and Plane: Plastic Water Bottle + Yummy Treats = Tasteful Packaging

Pencil Case Box

Found on Buzzfeed: Cereal Box + Pencils = Handy Pencil Box Case

Recycled Bench

Found on Good Home Design: Old Shovels + Wood = Special Recycled Wood Bench

Recycled MM Wrappers Dress

Found on Tumblr: Lots of M&M Wrappers + Patience = Gorgeous Gown

Soda Can Ring

Found on Ecofriend: Aluminium Can + Creativity = Neat Recycled Jewelry

Jewelry Stand Epbot

Found on Epbot: Plastic Water Bottles + Jewelry = Pretty Jewelry Stand

TV Aquarium

Found on Sad to Happy Project: Old TV + Fish = Cool TV Aquarium

Feeling inspired? The next time you’re thinking about buying a new decorative wall piece, why not make one with one of these neat ideas! With anticipations of a hectic holiday season coming up, let’s take a step back from the shopping frenzy and be thankful for what we have.

For more ideas, check out our Shoplet Pinterest Page!