Office Desk Perfect For Your Home Office

Are you one of those people who dreams of the Utopian home office equipped with expansive work surfaces to spread  your unruly mess, yet happens to live in one of those golden locations in a major metropolis where they charge you a hefty amount even for taking the space to stretch your legs? Ok, so I am exaggerating just a little, but the general consensus these days in the city I live in, New York City, is that too many people are moving in, and not enough people are getting out. What’s one to do in these crowded spaces?

home office

This ingenious office desk disguises itself as a beautiful mahogany drawer/dresser, simple and elegant enough to blend in with majority of city apartments .

home office desks

But voila, while you are not looking, slip out the side of this seemingly normal drawer, and you have an office desk to do the most of your office works on!

I would like to thank my friends over at Modern Urban Living for discovering this.

16 thoughts on “Office Desk Perfect For Your Home Office”

  1. alan says:

    wow… it is so simple…

  2. adidasi says:

    i want to have that too

  3. cheap jordans says:

    you are so cool . i like you

  4. wholesale jewelry says:

    really nice looking

  5. Office Furniture says:

    That desk looks so neat and personal.

  6. Modern Office Furniture Lover says:

    Oooh!:) Nice layout. Simple designs sometimes are the best. I love your accent color, Red. This really pops out with the dark black furniture. :)

  7. Susan says:

    Nice blog…. It isn’t easy choosing that perfect office desk It needs to be ergonomically viable and superior when it comes to comfort.

  8. wholesale korean fashion says:

    That is really nice looking. I like that

  9. Office Furniture says:

    Looks great and would suit most homes

  10. bali furniture says:

    Modern minimalist design. good furniture design. i wonder if you can use a glass to close the hole, while in office style.

  11. wholesale clothing says:

    Good feature! well done

  12. 4Inkjets Review says:

    Desk looks classy and modern. Definitely something that I would consider for my own office when I do a remodeling later this year.

    Good feature!

  13. Motel Furniture says:

    A transformer desk. Cool idea if you are limited in space like a smaller apartment. Like the functionality of many uses.

  14. Grill Accessories says:

    That is really nice looking. I like that fact that it fits in as a comfortable looking furniture just not a desk.

  15. Dennis says:

    WOW! That’s look really nice set. I would like to have one like that for my home office too. The one I am currently have are very big and it’s take a lot of space from my room.

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