We Love Sit to Stand Desks and You Should Too

These days people are becoming more and more concerned about the ill effects of an overly sedentary life. There is strong evidence linking excessive sitting (7 hrs or more per day ) to poor health. High cholesterol, lower back pain, colon cancer, poor circulation are just a few of the many health issues that can be triggered from to much sitting. With so many issues arising from our increased sedentary lifestyle the medical community has even coined a term to describe the problem- the sitting disease. Businesses are feeling the effects of employees becoming ill due to lack of exercise. Some are even going so far as to invest in their employees health and wellbeing at work by attempting to find alternatives to all day sitting. Today many furniture and office product companies are offering solutions to the problem, but how to they stack up? Is standing while working as uncomfortable as it seems? We tried a Sit to Stand desk for one week. Here’s what happened.