Awesome Post-It Fridge

Saw this unreal DIY on Design Sponge from Designer David Spark.

Here’s what you do:

I plan the image by measuring it out old-school. A piece of graph paper is fast and easy, each square representing one Post-it note or a fraction of one Post-It. The face of my refrigerator is 27 inches wide x 48 inches tall. Since traditional Post-it notes are 3 inches square, that allows for an image that is 9 Post-it notes wide x 16 Post-its tall.

Draw your image out on the graph paper first and then post away! You can create images that are comprised of just box shapes, or if you’re more ambitious, you can incorporate a triangular shape by folding a square Post-it from corner to corner. You can see how I’ve done this with the tulip image to create a slight arc or curve within the stem and petals. The sky is the limit on how much you alter the shape of the Post-it. Laying out the shapes and colors on graph paper first allows you to experiment before starting the piece and is the perfect guide for installing your creation.

And every flat surface in the house is fair game. Greet your guests with a message on your front door, surprise them with a greeting on the bathroom mirror or on the underside of the toilet seat cover. Why not?

Some other post-it magic: