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Cheer up your Lunch

goldfish1 Cheer up your Lunch
Growing up, we always decorated the paper bags that we used to pack our lunch. Mine always had all sorts of weird characters drawn in Sharpie and completely covering the bag. (I was one of those kids…) One thing we failed to decorate was the ziploc bags that carried our sandwiches and other snacks. The trend for office lunches brought from home these days seems to be throwing all of your lunch and snack items in a grocery bag, in your purse, in your briefcase, or if you have extra arms, in a specific lunch bag. You probably not using paper bags but I bet you are still using Ziplocs.

So here’s your inspiration – Artist David Laferriere. Read a great interview with this guy and the folks at Sharpie here.
IF Flying 1 Cheer up your Lunch
Acron craving Cheer up your Lunch
sandiwch bag sharpie Cheer up your Lunch
IF Germ2 Cheer up your Lunch

How about all those other little things in life that require bags of some sort? (Let me warn you, these are really cute.) Made by illustrator Babalisme and found here.
Babalisme sharpie drawing Cheer up your Lunch
Babalisme baggie art Cheer up your Lunch4556709857 d1518574ae Cheer up your Lunch

Motivated to start decorating stuff? Buy Ziploc bags , little poly bags, and Sharpie Markers all on!

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