Make Your Own Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are becoming a little more scarce these days. I was shocked to hear that some people don’t send thank you notes for their wedding presents anymore! Crazy. I’ve been thinking about/ working on my thank you cards for months after getting married back in November. I finally finished and wanted to share my easy project with those that want to make custom postcards but don’t have a) lots of money and b) lots of time. I chose postcards because I could write a quick note without wasting too much paper (why buy envelopes?) and postage is much much cheaper.

DIY Thank you Postcards

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Avery Printable Postcards – I like the textured ones. They look a little classier and feel a little thicker. Avery has other printable cards if you don’t want to do postcards.
  • Carter Stamp Pads – I’d choose a few colors. It’s fun to mix them together and have a variety.
  • Date Stamper– This a fun extra touch. I really like the way these look.
  • Stamps of your choice – Don’t ask me why I choose a fan. The stamps I bought were handmade by etsy seller Corabelle. This is the thanks stamp. I’m not sure why she’s not making them any more but you could always contact her. She has lots of other cute ones to choose from!

From here you can really do your own thing! To make my post cards, I went to Avery’s website and downloaded their free postcard template so I could add a few lines on the back side of the post card for writing the address. This wasn’t necessary but it’s an easy way to add lines if you are making lots and lots of them. I’d suggest you print batch, stamp them, and let them dry for a few minutes before flipping them over to write.

thank you postcards

After making such a cute postcard, what should you use to write your actual message? I highly suggest the pilot fountain pens. They are cheap, awesome, and come in blue, purple, and black. I never knew you could find such a great fountain pen for $2.

Pilot Pen Picture borrowed from Alexandra the Great

Remember to have fun and be creative!

Find lots of other great fountain pens on the