Paper Hearts and Flowers for Moms Day

I’ve been so distracted and excited about our new blog design that I completely forgot to post my collection of paper flower and paper heart tutorials! Hopefully I didn’t catch you too late. Run out tonight and grab some paper and make something cool for your mom this weekend. Some of these are for show/inspiration and some you can do for real.

Paper Flower Heaven


It really is. They were used to decorate a tent style wedding.

Barcelona Paper Flowers

Small Colorful Bouquets of Paper Flowers in Las Ramblas, Barcelona, Spain [enlarge]

Found at a market in Barcelona. The photographer mentions he found the flowers among the stalls of Rambla dels Flors.

Helen’s Garden


A seriously cute way to do indoor gardening.

Heart Paper Chain


Normally appropriate for Valentine’s Day but I say hearts are good for any holiday. Make them different colors if you want to shy away from V day.

Origami Hearts

I love origami anything. There are lots of easy origami heart tutorials here!

Mexican Paper Flowers


Beautiful! I want to throw a mexican themed party with these. Another great tutorial.

Paper Roses

Really, easy step by step tutorial for these roses. Inspired by Martha Stewart

Hope your mother’s day weekend is beautiful and relaxing!

One thought on “Paper Hearts and Flowers for Moms Day”

  1. Bethanie says:

    Wow! For off-the-cuff, I’d say you knocked it out of the park. Very nice variety!

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