10 Office Treats

Once again,  another collection of some of my favorite office supplies. This is what happens when you wander the internet/ your own website all day. You find yourself constantly bookmarking things to share! Have a great weekend!


Paper Mail-box-Download the Pattern and stick out the box!


Field Notes “Packet of Sunshine” . I love their notebooks, love their website, buy them here. (these are such a great gift idea!)


I don’t like Nutrasweet, never really had much of it actually (unless you count elementary school when you dared each other to eat entire packets plain at restaurants) but I’m in love with this packaging. I like the font, I like the Red Xs, I just wish they were full of skittles. Or Peanut Butter M&Ms. Either way, if you’re stocking your breakroom, buy them here.


Colored Chalk. Important for every stage of life. I “chalked” a lot of crushes in high school (which essentially means sneaking over to their house at night and drawing all over their sidewalk and driveway) and I love to draw on black/green chalk boards with colored chalk. If only it didn’t make your hands so crazy colorfull!


I know, I know, a weird pick from our tools section – they are hitch pin clips. They remind of curler pins. I just like them.


Magnet Man Magnets – Very American, Very Cool.


I wish that we carried this on our site. The Crayon Maker How many broken crayons have I thrown away in my life? Now this is a great “green” idea.


Hand Trucks are really cool to me. I don’t know why. This ones from Wesco


Stapler of the Week blog– hasn’t been updated in awhile but has some really cool old stapler pictures on there.


Nice Paper Toys– This one is Buddies by Methuup da Funky One.