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15 Biodegradable Products You’ll Use

DUC1092722 1 1 15 Biodegradable Products Youll Use
Care Mail Peanuts -Made from corn and potato starch. Dissolves in water and won’t pollute ground water.

Please take note of the white and green color theme found in this post. It’s quite refreshing and clean, right? This post is inspired by a post I read awhile ago on Design*Sponge and by my thoughts about how important it is to buy items that will disappear when they are thrown away. I love recycling and I love reusing items but some items do not have a second life. I also love the idea that things can behave just like plants and natural stuff and disintegrate away. We carry lots of green office supplies and recycled office supplies on our site but today we’re focusing on the products that will disappear when you’re done.

Tablemate Biodegradable Plastic Cover
TBLBIO1403WH 2 1 15 Biodegradable Products Youll Use
Just like it says.

Savannah supplies inc. Biodegradable Reusable Mug
SVARP15 1 3 15 Biodegradable Products Youll Use
Environmentally friendly mug is made from CPLA corn plastic. Fully biodegradable and compostable in commercial composting environments. Dishwasher and microwavable safe.

Savannah supplies inc. Compostable Paper/PLA Cup
SVAC008 1 1 15 Biodegradable Products Youll Use
Made from paper with PLA lining which require less energy to produce than petrochemical plastics. Fully biodegradable and compostable in commercial composting environments.

Stout EcoDegradable Bags
STUG3340E11 1 1 15 Biodegradable Products Youll Use
Fully degrades in commercial landfills in 18- 24 months, leaving no harmful residues

Seventh generation Free & Clear Natural Powdered Laundry Detergent
SEV22715 1 1 15 Biodegradable Products Youll Use
In this product, the chemicals used in the detergent are biodegradable. (but knowing 7th gen, the box is probably too!) they say: nontoxic, biodegradable and hypoallergenic. Safe for septic and graywater systems.

Samsill Earths Choice Biodegradable Round Ring View Binder
SAM18957 1 2 15 Biodegradable Products Youll Use
Earths Choice biodegradable round ring view binder made using an all natural organic additive that biodegrades in less than three years. Completely reusable with unlimited shelf life and will not start to biodegrade until disposed of in a landfill.

Paper mate Biodegradable Mechanical Pencil
PAP1757553 1 1 15 Biodegradable Products Youll Use
The first ever Paper Mate Biodegradable pen, with components biodegradable in your own backyard. Made from an exclusive corn based material, an earth friendly and renewable resource becomes biodegradable in soil or compost within about one year

3m Scotch-Brite Soap Pads made from Recycled Materials
MMM325N 1 1 15 Biodegradable Products Youll Use
Pads are made from recycled plastic bottles (100% post-consumer recycled material) and are biodegradable and phosphorus free. Packaging is made from 100% recycled paper (35% post-consumer materials)

Chicago Contemporary Clock
ILC67800603 1 1 15 Biodegradable Products Youll Use
The clock body is biodegradable (not that you’d ever want to throw it away!)

Fellowes Biodegradable Cleaning Wipes
FEL2213101 1 2 15 Biodegradable Products Youll Use
Biodegradable cleaning wipes offer an eco-friendly solution that keeps equipment and surfaces free of dirt, oil and grime. New material disintegrates as easily as toilet paper

Baumgartens Corn Starch Forks, Biodegradable, 100/BX
EQ1012682853 500 15 Biodegradable Products Youll Use
Cutlery is made from corn starch. Disposable, biodegradable, compostable cutlery is an environmentally friendly solution without sacrificing quality.

Dri-mark USA-Green Biodegradable Low Odor Dry Erase Marker
DRIG4124BA 1 2 15 Biodegradable Products Youll Use
These dry erase markers feature nontoxic, low odor inks that contain no heavy metals. Plus, the marker components are biodegradable.

Dixon EnviroStiks Pencil
DIX96212 2 1 15 Biodegradable Products Youll Use
This pencil is made from reforested premium wood, and has a lacquer-free finish. Recyclable ferrule. Features an environmentally degradable latex-free eraser. PMA certified nontoxic

C-Line Biodegradable Sheet Protector
CLI62617 2 1 15 Biodegradable Products Youll Use
These environmentally-friendly sheet protectors incorporate a special additive that makes them completely biodegradable while leaving no toxic residue.

What do you buy that’s biodegradable?

4 Responses to 15 Biodegradable Products You’ll Use

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  2. Max Clark says:

    Great information on green products. I wanted to add one that is being used in an area that is very important – bottles. ENSO Bottles offers a solution that will allow plastic bottles to be fully recyclable without impacting the current recycle streams and if placed in a landfill environment (which unfortunately most are) will biodegrade by mircobial breakdown with no harmful residues.

    More can be learned at

    Working together we can change the world.

    Max Clark

  3. JoAnn says:

    Sunchips – the natural snack like cornchips – come in a biodegradable bag!

    Loved them anyway – now a more guilt-free snack!

  4. Collins Pt. says:

    Many companies have produced biodegradable utensils. Ecological plates are made from sugar can and reed pulp. Their producers insist on the fact that they are non-toxic, biodegradable, but at the same time they offer the client the same quality of a normal plate. Cornstarch, grass fibers and wood are two other materials used for the manufacture of biodegradable utensils and biodegradable cornstarch bags.