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How to Choose the “Write” Pen

Hi! My name is Diana Regal and I’m new to Shoplet’s blog-universe, but I’m liking it so far, so good! A lil’bit about myself: I just sheared off most of my hair so that I can look more like Michelle Williams (that’s not working too well, but I’m managing) and I, like most of the Shoplet crew, am über passionate about office supplies! If I had to pick my favorite office supply, it would either be the post it, or paperclip, or pen, or whatever. You get it. I hope you enjoy what I’ve got to say (I’ve got a lot to say!).

How to Choose A…


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We’ve heard it all before: in a world filled with pens, there’s got to be one that’s “write” for you. But, sometimes it’s hard to know which pen meshes best with your one-of-a-kind, spell-binding, magnetic personality. And, once you and your pen start going steady, how can you be so certain that your pen won’t totally embarrass you in the midst of a very important situation? Or what if your pen is unfaithful, stealing away into the deceptive hands of your pen-obsessive cubicle neighbor?

Lucky for you, you don’t have to worry about what your human-pen children will look or act like, or whether or not you and your pen will get along for the next eighty plus years. If you’re actually thinking about romancing with your pen then (I hate to break it to you, but…) you’re thinking way, way, WAY too much about your relationship pens, and (T.B.H.) that’s a bit worrisome.

Still, finding the right pen can be a pretty daunting task, which is why this blog post exists! To help you find the “write” pen <3 we’re here to make sure that you’re not settling for the wrong pen.

Potential Pen Suitors!

A Pen With a Grip
If you’re taking a writing test, or just plan on writing for an extended period of time, then I suggest that you choose a pen with a grip. It is so annoying when your hands get all nervous and crampy from hours of vigorous writing. Or maybe your hands are just clammy in general? There’s nothing worse than writing a bunch and dealing with your hand sliding down your pen because of all the sweat! A pen with a grip can save your sentences from being interrupted by the hassle of readjusting your grip.


Fountain Pen
If you want to look super sophisticated, I’d suggest writing with a fountain pen. After the advent of the ballpoint pen in 1888, the use of fountain pens plummeted dramatically. Today, fountain pen users are a dying breed, which is a shame because, when being handled by one who has mastered the art of writing with a fountain pen, fountain pens write beautifully.

But before you go buy a fountain pen, it’s worth noting that fountain pens take time to get used to. The ink in a fountain pen flows out quickly and takes a while to dry, so it’s tricky to write a new sentence without smearing the last one. This tutorial explains how to properly write with a fountain pen. If you’re willing to devote time and effort to perfecting your fountain-penmanship, well, props to you! A signature is most elegant and attractive when signed with a fountain pen.


Ball Point Pen
The most commonly used pen, a ballpoint pen is excellent for everyday use. Especially on rough surfaces, or when you need to aggressively press hard on paper (like when you’re finishing up your novel in the backseat of a golf cart). Also, ball point since most ball point pens come in multi-colored variety packs, ball point pens are great for drawing colorful pictures or color-coding notes. Most importantly, ball point pens are the best pens to loan to friends, family, and even strangers, since they are totally easy to replace and are pretty inexpensive!


Stainless Steel Pen
Are you a doctor, police officer, or soldier in the military? While both professions sound like they don’t have that much in common, they are all connected through their common dependence of the same type of pen! Stainless steel pens are skinny, so they fit perfectly into the small, compartmentalized pocket of doctor, police, and army uniforms. They are also totally durable, so they are perfect for careers that entail getting rough ‘n tough, or adventurous types who might get caught in rocky situations! Stainless steel pens write with precision and often have grips attached to them, which is an added bonus.


Ink Gel Pen
Ink gel pens are great fun. They make your writing look thick, bold, and crisp! They are the paintbrushes of ballpoint pens—if that makes any sense. But, it’s important to bear in mind that the ink of ink gel pens resemble the consistency of sloshy watercolors (if you’ve worked with water colors, you know that if careful attention is not paid, it’s easy to muddy up a masterpiece). So, like fountain pens, they can be kind of difficult to master.

The fact that some extra attention needs to be paid to one’s ink gel pen grip is grossly overlooked! Writing with ink gel pens can be an especially arduous task if you’re a leftie. Make sure that the pen cradled in your hand is angled towards you, not above your script, and keep the palm of your hand directly below your script to insure to protect your work from smearing. It’s also unnecessary to press down hard against your paper when writing with an ink gel pen, because the ink will often bleed through to the other side of your sheet.

Aside from the annoying particularities of ink gel pens- they really are so much fun to work with. Like ball point pens, they come in a variety of colors and bleed onto your paper in a very excessive and exciting way.


We hope that you enjoyed our guide to finding the “write” pen! We wish you and your pen pal the best of luck on your writing adventures ;)

ooh la la

If you want my expert opinion, ink gel pens are the dandiest, most perfect pens out there. If an ink gel pen were a dude, I’d be like, “alriiigghhht!”

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