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3 Cheers for Sharpie Markers!

[What the Sharpie Lamborghini?]

I have ALWAYS loved Sharpies. I can’t remember when I got my first set but I know we had them around when I was little. My mom used them to label all of our art supplies. Once I hit the “CD burning era” we started decorating all of our burned cds with sharpies.
You would never dream of giving someone a burned CD without giving it some stupid name, drawing something on it or writing all the song names. To be honest, I’m still in this phase. If you get a burned CD from me it will at least have something written on it.

When I went to college, my brother gave me 2 sets of Sharpie Click Markers! I’ve lost all but 2 by now but they sure did serve me well. Anyways, we sell Sharpies on (I’m always tempted to buy them all!) and the other day I went to Sharpie’s website. I love it! I also subscribe to their blog, which you should check out – Sharpie Blog.

A few of my favorite posts:

Sharpie meets Skateboards



Artist Mark Rivard makes the underside of a skateboard a work of art. I think I’d want to just hang this mountain one on my wall.

New Sharpie Stainless Steel Marker meets Celebrities


Chris Martin jots down notes on his piano?


The Sharpie Wrapping Paper!


I’ve definitely done this, and mine definitely did not look as good.

Did you know you can enter to win a chance to meet David Beckham on their site??
Go There


I want this to be me. And I want someone to add a title to it on iCanHazCheeseburgers

What is your favorite Sharpie? These are some of mine:

Thanks to the Sharpie Blog for all their fun entries!

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  3. I have sharpies coming out the ying yang, I love ‘em too. There are soooo many different colors, a veritable rainbow is at the tip of my fingers with these permanent markers. I don’t buy other brands, they always smear.

  4. Tom says:

    Haha whenever I burn a new mp3 disc for my car, I always give it some stupid retarded name.. Just for the hell of it, I draw the title big and sometimes draw pictures on it with my sharpie type pens :)
    So yeah, I’m with ya on the whole cd labelling thing :P

  5. Cool Gifts says:

    Did someone really draw on a Lamborghini with a sharpie? That sounds crazy. It looks awesome, but crazy. The sharpie drawn gift boxes is pretty unique as well.

  6. Name Tags says:

    Cool article, Sharpies a great for identifying your stuff. I use one to label and design a lot of my personal items even name tags for my kid’s school stuff.

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