3 Projects by Cheng-Tsung

Fruit Crayon
Fruit shape allows children to draw a variety of different strokes. Strokes are painted in the form of point, line and surface, not just simple line. Fruit shape can stimulate child’s brain which is full of imagination. Hold Fruit shape. Kids! What kind of the paintings will you create?

The shape of egg is a stunning pure form. It is very pure. On the other hand, it looks just an ordinary egg before attracting objects. When using the egg, users’ behavior makes the form of nest under the egg. With the nest, it makes users to sense the usage of this design. For leaving some hints, the design is named Nest.

To Be Continued
“To be continued” is simple and convenient green stationery which is designed for the pencil. It’s a cap to protect the nib of the pencil, a simple pencil sharpener, and also it’s a connector to connect two short stubby pencils. In consumption and continuity, give us and our pencils a chance “to be continued.”