5 Best Promotional Products with Serious Staying Power

Promo products girl

Over 58% of the U.S. population claims to have a promotional product in their home or office, so it’s no surprise that the U.S. ranks #1 worldwide as the country that consumes the most promotional goods. We can’t help it. We just love free giveaways! But some things are definitely valued higher than others.

The average amount of time a consumer keeps a promotional item in their home or workplace is reported to be about 6.5 months. The Promotional Products Association International, a non- profit trade organization, conducted a study to investigate the impact of promotional products on business travelers. One of the major findings concluded that, of the consumers who own promotional products, 76% could recall the name of the advertiser printed on the item. Now that’s pretty powerful stuff!

With tons of different items to choose from, how do you narrow down your options? When making a decision, one key factor to consider is the item’s longevity. The longer a promotional item stays in the hands of a consumer, the higher the instance of repeat exposure to your brand and your message.

Here are the 5 best promotional products with some serious staying power:

#5- Bags (6.8 Months)

Starting our list is the branded bag, with 31% of the U.S. population having one somewhere in their office or home. Branded bags are kept an average of 6.8 months and generate more impressions than any other promotional product category.


#4- USB drives (6.9 Months)

11% of the population claims to own a branded USB drive. These handy little gadgets are kept an average of 6.9 months. So what’s the number one reason for people keeping them? 90% say because they are useful. Well, duh!


#3- Drink wear (7.1 Months)

That always-handy branded coffee mug will be your desk buddy for an average of 7.1 months. 21% of consumers own branded drink wear and females tend to be most responsive to this kind of item. Consumers under 35 have also been identified to own more branded drink wear than their older counterparts.


#2- Outerwear (7.3 Months)

Outerwear is one of the more costly items to choose from for a promotional campaign, averaging  7.3 months kept by consumers. Although outerwear ranks #2 on this list, only 9% of the population claims to have a promotional outwear item in their possession. The reasons may be the obvious cost as well as sizing issues. Despite these issues, 95% of recipients who do own branded outerwear can recall the advertiser name, which is the highest recall of any other category.


#1- Calendars (9 Months)

Obvious huh? Well, not so much.  Although it would make sense that calendars would have the highest longevity, they are also among the least popular promotional items, averaging 9 months kept in the home or office. 22% of the promotional item holding population own a branded calendar and they are especially popular among the 45+ crowd. Of this population, 76% claim that they display the calendar prominently in their home or office.


Do you have any promotional items lying around your home or office? Tell us about it! Comment below.