5 Favorite Office Pics

Sometimes office supplies are just way to attractive for words. The following pictures have been on my mind for a few weeks and I just had to share.

ventilated_light fan

1. The Ventilated Light
Made by designer Ron Doroni. He makes really cool light objects out of recycled materials. Check out the rest of his stuff


2.Mod 3-Ring binder
I wasn’t alive during the 70s but for some reason this brings back some great feelings. It reminds me of my mom’s old scrapbooks and the movie Forrest Gump. I don’t think you can buy this one anywhere but if you’re an artist you should recreate!

gayle's netbook

3.Netbook on the water
A few weeks ago we gave away a Netbook to one of our twitter followers. She was kind enough to snap some shots of her netbook traveling around beautiful florida. These pictures just made me extremely jealous.

origami envelopes

4.Origami Enevelopes
I have a huge respect for origami. It’s much much harder than it looks. Gracious Rain’s DIY is really helpful. Learn how to make your own here!


5.Crayola’s Numbers Double Every Year
I truly believe this Crayola Law. I remember owning the giant crayon box with the sharpener in the back when I was little and thinking, how many colors can they make?? According to Crayola Law, the number doubles every 28 years. Hmm

Have any office pics to share? Leave a link below!

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  • What a fun post! :) The Crayola Law cracks me up… it’s sooo true!!!

    I love the origami envelopes too! It’s crazy the intricate things people can make… these are totally approachable! :D

  • Great post! Love the colorful folders. Thanks for sharing the origami envelopes from Gracious Rain. Your site is great!