5 Monday Morning Gadgets

Monday mornings are always interesting. Either you stayed out late all weekend and your exhausted or your weekend just wasn’t long enough and you wake up wishing you had done more of that! Anyways, here are some geeky products, perfect to brighten your day.

The Shouting Vase



[via Japan Trend Shops]

This might be needed when you start going through your inbox. Did your coworker forget to do something that he or she said he would? Did you forget to do something? Or did you just stub your toe which added to how crappy your morning already was. This is the perfect outlet for that rage.

The USB Owl



[via Japan Trend Shops]

Not your normal flash drive here. Smile a little bit with your own USB Owl. Comes in 4 colors and can be changed to three modes: active, slow, and sleepy. Might cheer you up when you plug this guy in.

Black Tissues


[via InventorSpot]

Yeah we sell Kleenex on our site, but black tissues? I imagine you went out in the cold a lot this weekend and now are stuck with the never ending runny nose. Combat that runny nose in style.



[via YankoDesign]

There is nothing I hate more than running at the door in the morning and thinking, did I grab my keys? Trying to retrace my steps in my mind along with digging through my purse until I finally hear that jingle. This little fixture is genius. All you do is shove your key in one of the slots! No more trying to untangle your keys from others keys on the same hook. Or dropping all the keys off the hook and waking everyone up.

 Ivo Vos Toaster and Drach and Ganchrow Warming Plate

wii_toaster warming_plate_02

[via RegisterHardware]

These ones we’ll have to dream about. Plans for the toaster that shoots toast at a 42 degree angle and a warming plate that can cook an egg have not been announced yet. But couldn’t life get exciting? The toaster alone could provide your entire office with entertainment. We’ll let you know if we hear about it actually being made and sold.

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  • Wow! Its so cool, all the gadgets seem fascinating and interesting. I personally like the USB owl, will entertain me while am busy working.

  • hahaha this is awesome man! i wanna buy this lol