5 Office gifts for the Holidays

If your office is like most – you are probably doing a “Secret Santa” this holiday season, where you wind up with someone’s name who you know the least in the office and you need to purchase them a gift. It can always be a tricky situation. While you can always go for the predictable gift such as a candle, a picture frame or the gift card, I always try to be more creative. Here are some ideas for great Secret Santa gifts that will appeal to your more geeky coworkers.

Swingline Red Stapler

People sometimes form very strong bonds to inanimate objects. This is especially the case when you come into daily contact with, say, a red Swingline stapler. The ultimate utilitarian desktop accessory. Its vibrant red color stands out amongst the grays and beiges that consumeoffice space. The sleek, smooth retro lines. The sheer weight. The precise, solid movement. The mechanics. The thick, dense sound as paper is conjoined…

The Red Stapler can be bought here.

Hot/Cold Coffee Mug

coffee on/off

This coffee mug will switch from saying “cold” when it’s cold, and “hot” when it’s hot.  Not only it is great design, but it is also useful  to know when that coffee that’s been sitting in there all day long is cold as ice should be enough to merit the $25 price tag.

More info over here

Office Space Kit

Everyone gets an Initech mug and a little stapler. The stapler should only be used on TPS Reports, mmmKay? And make sure you use the new TPS Report Coversheets for each one. Also, you’re getting a motivational sign to hang in your workspace. Yeah. Don’t forget the Jump to Conclusions Mat – it’s our newest product developed in-house by yours truly. And just in case you don’t work out here, you’re getting a piece of starter “flair” so you can work at that horrible little restaurant down the street.

[via Think Geek]

Fifty Jobs Worse Than Yours

A hysterical tour through some of the world’s worst jobs, guaranteed to make you grateful for the job you have and thankful for the one you don’t!

The books features fifty color photos of the awful, the pitiful, the hysterical jobs out there, and all their undesirable employment details. Fifty Jobs Worse Than Yours is the perfect gift for anyone stuck in a nine-to-five grind who needs to remember why it could be a whole, whole lot worse!

[via Amazon]

Samsill Leather Multi-Ring Zippered Portfolio

This combination ring binder, pad holder and supplies black leather portfolio is a great companion for workers on the move. But it`s not only great for keeping your documents organized, the genuine leather exterior provides a professional look. The handle on spine and zipper closure make this a mini portfolio an ideal choice for individuals on the go.

The can be bought over at shoplet.com.