5 Random Office Facts

Paper Clip

Paper clips are Resilient!

 During World War II, Norwegians (who consider the paper clip a national symbol) wore paper clips to symbolize their resistance to Nazism and to the anti-Semitic doctrine that the Nazi’s espoused

paper clip

Hand Sanitizer

MYTH:  Hand sanitizers create drug-resistant super-bacteria.

FACT: If alcohol is the main ingredient, hand sanitizers definitely do not create drug-resistant super-bacteria. There is no scientific proof indicating that bacteria can develop a resistance to alcohol and create a super bug.  In fact, hand sanitizers containing alcohol are more likely to kill “even multi-drug resistant pathogens.” So, the next time you find yourself in a germy situation, slather on some hand sanitizer! 


hand sanitizer


Erasable Pens

Did You Know…

That, unlike regular ball point pens, erasable pens dispense ink that’s made of liquid rubber cement? Erasable ink generally consists of 15 percent to 45 percent (by weight) natural rubber that is dissolved in a series of volatile organic solvents with varying boiling points.


erasable pen

Post-it Notes

Are so super sticky!

A Post-it Note endured a flight from Las Vegas to Minneapolis on the nose of the plane. It endured speeds of 500 mph and temperatures as low as -56 degree Fahrenheit.

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White Out

Far Out!

Bette Nesmith Graham, the mother of Michael Nesmith, drummer of The Monkees and founder of MTV, is the original inventor of white out! A secretary, who always wanted to be an artist, Graham would use tempera water based paint to correct her editorial mistakes. Graham used her kitchen as a laboratory to perfect the product, making effective use of her electric blender.

White OUt

  • Janis in ID

    ……….And actually, it was Liquid Paper! But that eventually gave rise to other correction fluids, like Wite-Out.
    <3 J

  • Janis in ID

    Umm…NO. Any girl growing up in the 60s knows that Mike Nesmith, the sole inheritor of the Wite-Out fortune of his mother’s, was NOT the drummer for the Monkees. Micky Dolenz (heart, heart, heart) was the drummer. :)
    <3 J

  • Sherry

    On the WiteOut one,that’s a Micky Dolenz picture and Mike Nesmith played the guitar! ;-)