7 Ways to Become Solar Powered and Real Stylish


[Santa Monica’s Solar Powered Ferris Wheel. Yeah not in your budget, sorry]

Using solar powered items just makes sense. Why not get your own energy for free from the sun? The only issue with solar powered gadgets (and well a lot of the green gadgets out there) is that they can look a little too space-agey for me. With that in mind, here are 8 products that I would actually purchase if I had extra money to do so.

1. Solar Powered Speakers 



It is no mistake that these are first on my list. The first time I saw them on Treehugger I fell in love. They look old school but modern at the same time.  Modeled after the gramophone, they completely fold up for travel.

#2. Voltaic Generator Solar Bag


Okay so this one looks more like a boy bag but if it will charge my laptop on the go, I don’t even care. An hour in the sun will give you 20-45 minutes of running time. So when I go camping or to the beach, this sucker will just sit outside and soak up the sun. I’m not sure at what point the charge maxes out but hopefully it will last through a whole movie.

#3. The SUNNAN Lamp


From Ikea. For 20 bucks you get a really cute lamp that charges itself in the sun. Great great idea.

#4. Solar- Powered Nintento-Emulating MP4 Player

Oh China. You are so great! The Nintendo lover in me would love to play Super Mario for hours on end. It has 2GB built in and you can add up to 2 GBs more. To make it even more great, it has a USB port where you can plug in your electronics to get them all charged up! Thanks BoingBoing

#5.  Solar Powered Water Bottle + Lantern!


When I first saw this I thought wow, really? Do I actually need this? Yes I do. The times you carry around this giant sized water bottle are normally the times you’re out in the hot sun. Think about getting back from a long hike, it’s getting dark, and oh you already have light.  Once it is fully charged, the LED light lasts for 8-10 hours! Found at Gizmodo.

#6. SoCool’s Millenia Air Conditioner


Keep real cool even when the lights are out. Yes it is expensive and yes, as Gizmodo said, it does look like a trash can or maybe even a transformer but really, shouldn’t we all have these? Our air conditioners hang out the window all day long. They should be soaking up the sun to operate during the day and stock piling the energy for the night. Hmm maybe I could make a cover to go over it.

#7. Solar Rolls
SolarRoll solar charger photo

If you don’t want the messenger bag, which I don’t know if I do either, this is a great idea. You can charge it up for 5-10 hours of use and, if you are wealthy, buy a bunch and link them together for a ridiculous amount of energy. The SolarRolls are even waterproof so you can roll them out on your lawn or not stress about spilling an entire water bottle over them.

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