A Chewable Gum Pencil

I had a geometry teacher who would pass out little chocolates before every test to give us a little energy and to help us to focus. Snacks really do help me to focus because when I’m even slightly hungry, I notice myself getting easily distracted. That’s why I think this is a brilliant idea! Here’s some info about it from Advertising Age:

“Recognizing that in moments of despair or deep thought, people are likely to gnaw on the end of their pencils, the agency created 5,000 “chewable pencils” and distributed them in schools in Sao Paulo. The activation began in March and continues, in perfect time for the Brazilian school system’s exam season in May and June.”

Best slogan – “To sweeten your moment of jitters” If only they included a wrapper so that this gum wouldn’t end up under the desk.

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