A Post Office on Your PC

(This is a post from our friends at Stamps.com about how to save time and money with USPS postage software. Something I’ve never tried before but I’m definitely interested! I kind of hate going to the Post Office lately. It seems like they are trying to get you to not come in with their long lines and not enough people working!)

In the past, most small business owners had only two options for their USPS mailing and shipping needs: either lease an expensive postage meter or drive to the Post Office to constantly replenish rolls of stamps. Postage meter agreements are usually multi-year commitments, and often the monthly cost of the meter lease is more expensive than the amount of postage one prints. Driving to the Post Office is a huge time-waster in travel and waiting in long lines.

But there’s an alternative that makes sense for small businesses everywhere: online postage software, commonly referred to as PC Postage.

What is PC Postage?
PC Postage allows small businesses to print postage and manage all their mailing and shipping needs from their home or office using their existing computer and printer. PC Postage was originated by the U.S. Postal Service and allows customers to print official U.S. Postage directly onto envelopes or shipping labels after being purchased over the Internet. Unlike traditional postage meters, postage can be purchased as needed, as opposed to the large blocks required with a meter.

PC Postage is offered through a number of licensed vendors such as Stamps.com. Each vendor offers PC Postage services for nearly all mail classes, from postcards up to the maximum 70-pound parcels allowable via USPS.

How is PC Postage Different?

PC Postage offers several benefits over the traditional postage meter by empowering customers to run their mailing and shipping program the way they want to, not the way the postage meter dictates. Among the benefits of PC Postage is cost savings. There is no additional equipment to purchase — an Internet connection, computer and printer are all that is needed. Also, there are no long-term contracts or hidden fees. Conversely, most postage meters require a three-year lease and they have proprietary inks that can run as high as $0.10 per print. Additionally, postage meters require a dedicated phone line in order to purchase postage and perform monthly maintenance checks.

PC Postage offers other great features that cannot be found at the local Post Office or through a postage meter, such as:

-Receive discounted postage rates including up to 15% off Priority Mail and up to 62% off Express Mail
-Using the Hidden Postage feature, you can hide the postage value on shipping labels
-Print address and postage on envelopes in one easy step

Stamps.com Offers up to $45 in Free Postage to Test PC Postage

If you are interested in testing PC Postage for your business, Stamps.com is offering a special four week trial offer for Shoplet.com customers that includes up to $45 in free postage. You’ll also get a free 5 lb. USB digital scale (S&H required) and a welcome kit that includes labels and supplies.

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