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A Quick Break from Office Supplies

Sorry for the silence these past few days! We came home from a quick trip to CA to no internet and I’m not quite sure when we’ll get it back. Luckily, we have friends close by with internet and we have cellphones with unlimited data plans – I think we’ll be getting our money’s worth this month!

I’ve posted over 100 weekend roundups and I don’t remember the last time I missed one. Sadly, tomorrow might be the first. I’m planning to be back in full force next week but for now, don’t forget to enter our weekly giveaway!

Also, there are still so many people that need help in New York and New Jersey (and probably other places too) Please take time to find out how you can help! I’m sure you’ve got something extra that can be donated or some awesome skill that would be helpful. How about buying some office supplies for a company that has lost everything? We all need an excuse to buy more office supplies :) See you next week,


One thought on “A Quick Break from Office Supplies”

  1. ada miller says:

    Sorry to hear about the loss of net. I just went through no net for a bit not long ago,so I know how it is. When you do have computer access again you will be forever getting caught up. Hope you have a good weekend Grace!

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