Alternative Uses for Office Stuff

Almost everything ever invented has an alternate use outside it’s intended purpose. C’mon we know that you’ve used tooth paste to zap that pimple or used a stapler to temporarily fix a dropped hem. There are tons of office products that can make for some super useful and in some cases stunning new creations. All you need is a little creativity. So, let’s get creative and look at office supplies in a whole new way! We’re featuring some of our favorite alternative uses for office stuff.

Thumb Tack artHave an old package of thumb tacks lying around and don’t have a use for them? Why not make a custom art piece for your home? Simple shapes go a long way!

Sticky Note Garland

Instantly turn up the festivities by using a package of  sticky notes as colorful garland. Makeshift birthday decor to the rescue!


Shredded paperNeed to send a package but don’t have any bubble wrap? Use old shredded paper from your shredder as a box filler. It’s simple, free and eco friendly!

Paper clip organizer

Use a paper clip container to also store bobby pins easily. Fits perfect in any bathroom cupboard too!

key Tag drink id'sKey tags take on a classy new life as Martini drink identifiers. Have guests create their own for added personalization!

cupboard sorterGain some much needed cabinet space by filing away all of your cutting boards and slim trays into a letter sorter.

Circle labels

Spice up drab white cups with a roll of circle labels.

Binder clip wallet

Need to travel light for a night out? Use a binder clip to hold money, cards and your house key.