Amazing Home Office Makeover: Small Spaces Edition

Amazing Home Office Makeover: Small Spaces Edition

Amazing home offices don’t just happen. They are made. We took our industry knowledge to a small, unused space that sat just between two tall dressers in an apartment bedroom. The results were a home office that that was both functional and quite pretty! Here’s our next installment of Home Office Makeover: Small Spaces edition!

Home offices are definitely trending. Kids are leaving the nest later, more mid-career adults are working from home or going back to school, and grads are working hard to land that first job. It seems like we’re all looking for enough space to self-improve and keep organized. But when space is limited, we have to work with what we’ve got. Sometimes that means transforming what was originally a small cubby space into the cutest small office ever – all while adding a little love and some thoughtful purchasing of course!

Small Home Office Makeover: title shot

Let’s talk space for a sec. When space is valuable, you have to make sure what’s there is nothing short of essential. First of all, ditch the kitch. Let the well-designed, tried and true tools have their day.

The most difficult part of setting up a desk area in a small space is that it is much easier for it to feel cluttered. Even when there is plenty of alternative space, people often use their desks as the final resting place for all kinds of stuff. Keeping your desktop simple is essential. Figure out how much room you have to work with and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Shelves can really make a difference here. It’s essential to measure your space accurately before making any purchases.

On the same note, don’t be afraid to give away or sell items that no longer serve you in the smaller space you are working with. Clearing out the clutter gives you the ability to add items that are better suited to your new work area. Keep only the items that you actually use, and not just what looks good.

Oh, Americans and our insane work ethic… Sometimes we work so hard and for so long that we forget desks don’t have to be just for, well, work. Get the most out of your new nook by taking up hobbies that you have been putting off enjoying. Instead of turning on the television, you can finally start filling in that awesome coloring book! A clean desk is a great place to write letters to family and friends, draw or sketch. Just because your home desk has a stack of bills in a letter tray doesn’t mean it’s all work and no play.

Organizers can be extremely useful in keeping things in order. Therefore a sleek, elegant design can make all the difference.

In order to save money, and give your space a little soul, you can also reuse or re-purpose a cup, container or jar to hold office supplies in. The pencil cup featured here was once an old candle holder! These can also do the job to keeping things orderly and looking good!

With de-cluttering done and a little extra space found, you’ll likely find yourself with enough room for those things that add some personality. Pictures, meaningful trinkets and trophies are all things that help you personalize your space. Keep to the essentials here too. Only display items that are the most meaningful to you and be mindful of your available desk space.

We loved how this little bit of space was transformed into the perfect at-home office. This cozy nook gives us the perfect place to work on some creative projects as cold weather starts to roll in. With some planning, you can transform a corner of a room, a closet or even space between two dressers (as featured here) into an amazing work area. Have you made over a small, unused space into a functional work area? What kinds of things are essential to your home office? Let us know in the comments below!