Another Infamous Prank in the Office with Post-its

Post-it is great, it is often turned into art by creative individuals, as well as pranks by the creative amusingly twisted individuals.

Post-it Prank - Messy Version

Post-it Prank - Classy Version

Post-it Mural

Post-it all over Jaguar Type-2

Post-it pranks are always performed by sticking post-its onto an object. If you want a small prank, you can cover a comparatively small object like a printer, someone’s mug or even a chair but of course with such a small object, your prank would not be very effective. Covering someone’s office would be a much better prank. You can do it in a sloppy way (pic 1) or a classy way (pic 2). You can also cover, not just a little piece, but an entire wall and create a mural (pic 3), but when it comes to the extreme, you would go and cover your boss’s Jaguar Type 2, that way he cannot just leave the mess in the office. He would have to deal with any resentment you may or may not have – undo the post-it in the garage or show it to the public.