around the world inspiration: globes in your office

The other day I was over at a friends apartment and saw that they had a world map shower curtain in their bathroom. I’ve seen those before and didn’t really like them because they seemed like maybe a “trendy item” that everyone had in their apartment. Then I realized, why not have a world map shower curtain? Why not learn about all the countries while you shower? I like the idea.

Relating that to the office, shouldn’t you have a globe or map in your office? 1) they look great in any office 2) they will make you smarter 3) I seem to meet people from different countries every day! The world is getting smaller and smaller so we should all know a little bit more about all of the great places out there. So here’s some inspiration for your home or office: (stick around for the end because there are links to buying world maps and globes on our site!)

Shop and buy world maps like the one below on Shoplet!

Get your own world globe the next time you are grabbing some office supplies

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