Avery Dots as iPhone Camera Filters

I still think it’s kind of crazy that apps like Instagram are so popular. 10 years ago would we have thought a grainy, blurry picture was cool? Either way, it is kind of fun to take pictures and make them look a certain way without spending a bunch of time in Photoshop.

Avery sent me some See-Through Removable Dots and I realized that they are the exact same size as my iPhone camera. I was a little nervous about sticking a sticker right on the camera lens but they are removable and they didn’t leave any sticky stuff behind! The red filter below was made with just one sticker and for the green, blue, and yellow filters, I had to layer a few of them to get a noticeable color.

If you try this or have any other ways of making iPhone camera filters using office supplies, send us a pic or leave a comment!

  • Cool. If this becomes a big hit, then it won’t be long before they start adding this as a phone/camera feature. These photos look like how I feel after some Friday nights (green).