Avery Key Ring Magnets + Noisemakers

Avery sent me a box of their classic Metal Key Ring Tags and I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what to do with them (besides use them as key rings, duh.) Eventually I found myself making them into magnets with my Quartet Magnetic Tape. I gave my filing cabinet polka dots with them and had fun creating words and designs on my fridge. My original purpose with the magnetic tape was to stick it to the back of all my essential office supplies ( like scotch tape, my favorite pens, a ruler, etc) and stick them to my filing cabinet. I will warn you that this magnetic tape is pretty weak. It works amazing for paper and really light items! But not a pair of scissors or a sharpie marker. Those things slid off in 1 second.

Yesterday I kind of hit a creativity block and I sat on the floor connecting all my key ring tags together. It was a really good use of my time. I started shaking them around and realizing that these chains made a lot of noise! So if your kids are bored, have them sit and connect key rings together and then go crazy shaking them.

Other ideas I had – key ring necklace with matching key ring earrings or maybe a lovely key ring garland. It’s fun to color each one or I bet you could spray paint a whole lot of them to make a dazzling gold or silver garland. Maybe I will try that for the holidays. How would you use them?