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Beat Boredom w/ Office Origami

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[Don't worry it's not that intense]

When I was little my older brother was really in to origami. Yeah I guess I’ve always thought it was kinda of cool, but in the past few years I’ve become a huge fan. When one of my brother’s got married, we made a ton of paper cranes to stick on their tables. I learned that origami takes a lot of patience and when you mess up a tiny bit, it shows a lot. If you make one fold a little too big, you’ll have lopsided wings or a deformed face.

I realized this morning, when is there a better time to practice origami than in the office? You have your own little secret cubicle to become an expert and you can show off during boring meetings.  Here’s a few ways to do origami in the office:

Origami Post it Notes

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Buy the ones that show you how to do it (at Think Geek or use your normal ones to make boxes, cranes, etc. (Box pic from Instructables)

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Origami Office Furniture

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Designer Chishen Chiu is a genius. Go to Flexible Love watch the video on how many different sizes and shapes you can create with this expandable couch.  So even if you have cardboard, you probably can’t do that.  Instead, turn to At this site, they give you free downloadable instructions to make cardboard furniture. You probably have lots of extra cardboard sitting in your warehouse, or stacked under your desk from the new monitor you just got. Impress your eco-obsessed boss with an entire office of recycled cardboard furniture.

Make a Stool

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Make a Rocker

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Make a Chair

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Business Card Origami

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Now this is cool, right?  See the lady who made it + instructions Here.

Here’s what you can make with all those extra business cards you have lying around (not necessarily yours, but all those you’ve “collected” from other people)

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View the instructions and ideas (so so many ideas!)Here and Here.

Toilet Paper Origami

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When you go into a hotel bathroom, you love seeing this stuff. Why not make your co-workers feel excited to use the company restroom? Check out lots of cool designs and the instructions here

Office Origami: The BOOK.

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When I was first writing this blog post, I was searching “Office Origami” and came across a book called Office Origami: The Highly Sucessful Slacker’s Guide to Workplace Procrastination. Looks like an essential addition to your office library.

Sticky Note Origami
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Another great resource. Buy Here.

Towel Origami

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And another fun one. Buy Here.

Thanks to Origami Resource Center for all the great ideas and well, resources!

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  1. chris says:

    What a very clever and amusing sight i really enjoyed it, im sure it will certainly come to mind next time i am sitting in the office looking around between work, just spent my lunch hour trying to make the chair but failed, more tips please lol.

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