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Beautiful Calendar for 2009

2009 calendar

Satsuma press just released a beautiful new calendar for 2009. titled ‘pattern + texture’, Satsuma’s new letterpress calendar was inspired by the owner’s love of Japanese textiles and vintage fabrics. These calendars are each made of 100% cotton paper. Even though these days most of my calendars are digitalized, looking at these beautiful calendars definitely makes me crave the days when I used to terrorize my beautiful paper calendars.

These calendars sold out quickly for 2008. Thus for 2009 Satsuma press is printing 350-400 copies. Order yours before this batch is gone. These paper calendar is available for pre-order (via email right here) for $40 (plus $5 for domestic shipping). If your purchase is a holiday gift Satsuma press will include a gift card and is happy to write your message for you and send directly to your recipient (for an additional $7). [after November 1st calendar prices will raise to $44 so order now if you’d like the $4 discount!]

For more utilitarian calendars, be sure check out Shoplet’s 2009 calendar store.

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  1. the pattern + texture its incredible beautifull, gives to your office a informal sense but with style. many people loves calendaries because they have problems to know in wich day they life… it is not my case