Best of Office Weekend Roundup 104

Cute little box bug

I would totally wear these vintage eraser bobby pins

Beautiful vintage french wooden pencil box

Nice rubber band painting

I like this ear cuff made from a paper clip

Pretty pink staple remover

Check out Pentel’s “find the golden Energel” giveaways!

Charlie Chaplin Correction Fluid

Love this Daily Hunk prank


The other keyboard cat t-shirt

Look at these Crayola mini nail polishes!

Vintage duck pencil sharpener

Bird paper clip

ooh look at this colored pencil quilt pattern (I would probably choose different fabrics but I love the idea!)

Pretty crayon pot!

Nice giant pencil to write a tiny note – Link

I wish we had bought this dry-erase AC!

Pretty zero casters

I like the idea of these knelt chairs

A weighted ring to hold down those paper cups this summer!

Have a great weekend!