Best of Office Weekend Roundup 105

A desk made with wire mesh – Design Boom

Those desk lamp chandeliers are scary cool – Office Snapshots

The Silly Pencils


Fun thumbtack sculpture!

Use a Dry Eraser to clean your computer screen

Organized scissors

MMM Kevin sandwich

Pencil nails

Nice Electric blanket!

An interesting place to hide your printer – Link

Remember stationery not stationary by thinking e is for envelope! Thanks twitter friend

Use a solo cup as sparkler shield – Lifehacker

Glue a pom pom on to the end of a dry erase marker to use as an eraser! Link

Ooh Lego Pen

Batman pen stand

Have a great weekend! I am all 90 degree weathered out.


  • Betty Baez

    Love the lamp chandelier very spideresq, haha @thumbtacks, and awesome idea on the dry erase marker hubby uses them often and he’s going to love this idea, and I’m digging the batman pen stand