best of office weekend roundup 12

Deliver the mail with your mail messenger bag! Found on Well Appointed Desk buy on 25togo!

11 Signs you’re a bad boss on Bob Sutton’s Blog

Read about business style changing for career women in the last decade in this New York Times article

Trash bags get cool looking! Check them out here

Lots of ways to use chalkboard paint! Read on This Old House

Great gallery of Home Offices on This Old House. If you are thinking about creating a workspace in your home, this is a great place to find ideas!

Office in a green house! Cute and nice

So true and love it – Well Appointed Desk

Cheesy office group photos contest! Why didn’t we think of this?? Collection here.

20 Strategies to Recharge and Refocus to increase productivity – from Personal Productivity 101

Beautiful Organization found at Decor8

Dark and Moody offices for the Men out there on Unplggd

Just because you have a successful career, means you are undateable? Read on JaneHasaJob

The other numbers of pencils (besides number 2 pencils) from here

WORK DISTRACTION – QWERTY Beats Put in some headphones and create some serious sound

Sometimes how you feel when you are in debt

Everyone motivated? Found at The Collared Sheep

Put a fish hotel in your office corner! From OfficeFreaks

The best collection. Vintage Office Supplies from Collection a Day

Enjoy your weekend!