Best of Office Weekend Roundup 126

Tape things to presents! A great idea from an old Scotch Tape Ad

A review of Westcott’s scissor mouse which I’ve never seen!

Awesome floppy disk table

Goosebumps Gator Stapler

A little mountain range to hold your notes

I want these apple and heart avery notetabs!

Cute Nomadic Pencil Case

Heavy Duty Fiskars

Desktop Icons Rings

Nailed it Desk Organizer

Samsill binders made with recycled materials!

Self-opening scissors

Crazy office holiday parties on CBS News

Have a great weekend!


  • I always love the roundup post you do.

    For the top one taping things onto presents thats a good idea and something a little extra special to let the kids do when wrapping other family members gifts.

    And the Westcott’s scissor mouse is a must have for me. I have never seen one of those. I need one of those too,because the kids are always wanting to cut something and with that I wouldn’t have to worry about them cutting their Not a bad price either considering I think they would be safer for kids.

    Other thing I’m really liking is the gator stapler! My boys would really love that & I think it should be a must have for every teacher just because it’s super cool!

    Everything else is cool too,but those listed are my favorite! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!