Best of Office Weekend Roundup 127

Pilot pens dress!

Twas the week before Christmas by Secretary for Life

A great secret santa gift! Charity Mugs

A great way for kids to use glue! TJ Art Room

Lovely wastebaskets.

I love these Oli Magnetic Paper Clips

Keep those dirty tissues off your desk – Lifehacker

Save glue lids, marker caps, and old, tiny pencils to decorate letters! Link

Fun rubber band football?

Make a racket with rubber bands! Spoonful

Cute Elmer’s glue snowman!

These page up babies are a great stocking stuffer

Bring the old, new york streets to your office! New Yorker Step Can

Rubber Bando – best way to store rubber bands.

Awesome rubber band necklace!

Have a fantastic weekend!