best of office weekend roundup 13

The most beautiful collection of vintage office stuff that you can buy! Visit Office Party on Etsy

Check out pics from The Office set on OfficeTally. (Plus watch the new office episode on Hulu!)

Wall-eeeeeee. The cutest little student I’ve ever seen. View more pics of Wall-e doing cute things on flickr

Cheerful workspace! Found at Well Appointed Desk

A whole blog about making flowers out of paper and wire! It’s called Wire And Paper

Paper Snowflakes like I’ve never seen them before.

A post-it note box! So organized.

Serious protection for your Moleskin Notebooks. I guess we should all be a little more protective of our ideas/memories/thoughts.

A chair made out of colored pencils! Jen Maestre has been on our blog before and she never ceases to impress me! Check out her flickr account for some amazing photos.

Tips for getting ready for winter on the Seventh Generation blog!

One the list of places to visit if I ever go to England, The Pencil Museum! This is where the first pencil was ever made!

The pocket notebooks of 20 famous men – a really cool article on Art of Manliness. The one above is Mark Twain’s!

Pretty japanese office supplies! See them all here

The Jonas Brothers deliver office supplies! Found on Glamour

Colorful, happy office supplies! Found at The Bobby Pin

The perfect way to contain your keyboard and apple trackpad. Get the Combine Collective

Print Is Not Dead from Anthology Magazine on Vimeo.

Watch it, love it. Found at the Daily Smudge

Last of all, a refresher on how to use some of these commonly misused words on Wikihow.