best of office weekend roundup 22

You’re getting ready for a lot of those office parties right? Found here

10 ways to make office meetings more productive from Personal Productivity 101

How to decide what to buy for co-workers and your boss for the Holidays – on Learnvest

Make a catapult out of office supplies! From ManMadeDIY

I’ve always admired the bright colors of lottery tickets! Now there are put to good use

Snake Ties on recyclart – i guess the ties could have those tough conversations for you?

Paper pants, paper shoes on Jak and Jil

Sharpie Sandals, designed and drawn by my Mom!

Get crayons in the mail every month! From Felissimo

Triangle Sticky Notes! I love the colors, I love the shapes. On Etsy

Who should you choose to ship those fragile items? From Crunchgear

Sharpie has a new counterfeit marker! So sleek and nice.

Packaging tape hats on the runway from I Love Sticky Tape

Panel heaters are on my wish list. They don’t blow air! (which dries out my skin, eyes, mouth, and brain) They just heat up your space. Get this one

Harry Potter pencils! Buy on Etsy

Color pencil bowls! On Flickr

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!