best of office weekend roundup 33

Pink Inspiration, found at the Well Appointed Desk

Make a paper top! On Martha Stewart

TAKE NAPS! Learn why on Art of Manliness

Cute leaf ties for your cords, on the Office Stylist

Arrested Development Paper Dolls, found on ManMade DIY

Art made out of bandaids! on Junk Culture

3D Valentine’s Day Card Tutorial on Paper Kawaii

I have never heard of isometric graph paper! You can print some out here

A dress colored by placing felt tip markers in the pockets! On Fashion Indie

Filing Cabinet Makeovers on MFTA

The cutest desk caddy, found at the Well Appointed Desk

3 thoughts on “best of office weekend roundup 33”

  1. Grace says:

    Thanks BrendaLea! I love putting them together so I’m glad you like reading them

  2. MFTA says:

    Thanks for featuring our post :)

  3. BrendaLea says:

    I so look forward to each and everyone of these office roundups! Thanks for the fun each weekend.

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