best of office weekend roundup 37

Cool art installation with tons of scissors hanging from the ceiling, more pics on Flickr

Giant pencil sharpener pencil holder! Seen on Flickr

10 great tips for your home office from Stylizimo

Tree thumbtacks on Well Appointed Desk

Grow a plant in an old cd spindle case! On Lifehacker

Did you know Duck Brand duck tape hosts a duct tape prom contest?? Make a dress or suit out of duct tape and enter to win! More info here

If you don’t want to make a desktop garden in your cd spindle, get one from this list on Mashable

Fun pack of graphics for the iphone, etc. on Well Appointed Desk

Planning a new office space? Get the Planning Office Spaces Book

Get a post-it note dispenser to stick to your laptop! On Pocket Blonde

Little catapult plane made with isometric graph paper and a rubber band – more on Mini Eco

Eco-friendly St. Patrick’s Day projects on Crafting a Green World

New index card notebook from C-line Products!

Check out all the pen hack videos from the penbrothers

Cans wrapped in cork, cute! Seen on Paring Down

Need some receipts for your business expenses? Visit Expense a Steak

A mirror out of rulers! From Design*Sponge

Don’t forget to get your bracket ready for March Madness! You can use Fun Office Pools to arrange an office pool.

Pretend to play office set for kids. On Oh Dee Oh

I like these painted chalkboards, also seen on Oh Dee Oh

Great check list for having a green office on Apartment Therapy

Great office products from Cocoa Living

Help out the citizens in NZ effected by the earthquake. If you buy stuff from Lil Quake Appeal, all the proceeds go to the Red Cross Disaster Relief in NZ.

Amazing paper dresses seen on my friend Brittany’s blog – The House that Lars Built