best of office weekend roundup 4

Beautiful Typewriter pic found at the Well Appointed Desk

Create your own cork board design at Man Made DIY

Weird angry office supplies pic tweeted by AdamSchomaker

Interesting Magnet scissors at Cubicle Bot

How to put your hair in a bun with a pencil on youtube

Really cheesy, cutsie office supplies on Girly Bubble

Ten uses for office supplies in a pinch on Corporette

More office supplies art found at Womans Day (obviously we are obsessed)

Great Orange To-Do notebook found at Notebook Stories buy at Paper Nation

Inspiration to make your office chair look awesome on Design*Sponge

Putting stuff in jello, classic. Tweeted by H2osign1951

The perfect workspace desk/table found on Simple Desks

What NOT to put on your Resume on the Collared Sheep

Brighten up your computer – cute backgrounds from Marimekko found at How About Orange

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