best of office weekend roundup 40

Yum!! Candy Necklace pens! On Oh Gizmo

A great office moment

How to fold 12 awesome paper planes on ManMade DIY

lots and lots and lots of pencil shavings – on Recyclart

Someday I will have a giant pencil gate around my yard, seen at the Well Appointed Desk

7 adorable paper clips! All Womens Talk

Dating someone with less money or less time on Corporette

26 cute office supplies flipbook on Daily Candy

Binder clip dragon! Link

Made out of mailing tubes at the Museum of Mathematics – from the Makezine Blog

Some nice looking office supplies – link

Make a paper pop up! Here’s the rabbit instructions

Great examples of moms and women that work part time but make a full time salary on Good House Keeping

Red pen lids made into a chinese lantern! On Recyclart

Pretty crazy video right? See at The Collared Sheep

Get a Seventh Generation Healthy Home Kit!

I want the new Paper Craft 2 book! Link

How to hail a taxi (like a man) on Art of Manliness

Have a great weekend!

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